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Leadership Development / Youth Leadership

This may sound a little out of our ballpark since a good share of our work is with adult professionals - but not to us! We firmly believe and have proven in performance that many of the same developmental principles work great with kids. So we now have a fantastic development program for middle-schoolers (grades 7-9)

We call it "RISING STARS".

The Rising Stars program helps young people develop their personal leadership, character, confidence and values that promote the goal of healthy behavior. Too many kids engage in health compromising behavior. Like our other leadership development processes, Rising Stars uses an "inside out" process that focuses on four critical elements that promote personal leadership and character, healthy behaviors and the skills future employers identify as essential. These four are: developing ATTITUDES and INTERPERSONAL SKILLS, increasing KNOWLEDGE and developing GOAL achievement skills.

Does it work? You bet! We have successfully field-tested Rising Stars in urban middle schools, non-public special education programs, church youth groups and community based programs for adjudicated youth.

If you are responsible for helping to make a real difference in kid's lives... and futures... find out more about Rising Stars.

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