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Leadership Development / Supervision Effectiveness

Supervisors are the primary link between upper management and the front line people who do the work. They communicate upper management's goals to the people who must somehow accomplish those goals. They facilitate the processes that keep the business operating. They select employees and handle personnel issues.

The decisions they make each day affect profits, attitudes, and morale - and ultimately, they can determine whether the business succeeds or fails. Still, most supervisors rise from within the ranks. They excel in a particular area and are promoted in recognition of their excellent work. It is simply assumed that because they excelled in the first area, they will very naturally make an excellent supervisor. And that's probably true - provided they are trained for their new role, which is very different from the role they played as a worker.

The supervisory role requires exceptional communication, organizational, and interpersonal skills, the ability to motivate others, and an open mind - skills that may not have been as critical in their former position. It necessitates looking at the big picture rather than just one piece of the operation. It requires them to grow and stretch beyond the responsibilities they held previously.

Our program for supervisory development is a structured, open-ended, pragmatic approach. It teaches some specific skill sets, but more importantly engages each individual in a process of personal and professional growth. It is an ongoing developmental process.

When your organization's supervisors are comfortable and effective in their roles, productivity and profits for your company will soar! Our program is designed for those who manage the people who do the work and focuses on many key supervisory areas:
  • The Successful Supervisor
  • Goal Setting
  • Your Action Plan
  • You, Yourself, Your Confidence
  • Leading for Results
  • Managing and Controlling Your Use of Time
  • Motivation and Communications
  • Upward Communications
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Discipline: Word and Concept
  • Developing Subordinates
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

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