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Leadership Development / Leadership Management

Organizations need leaders and go only as far as their leaders and managers are capable of taking them. With disruptive change continuing at its ever-increasing pace, this is a daunting challenge. The good news is that both formal leaders and managers can develop the commitment, skills and style to meet the challenges of today's highly competitive environment. Both leaders and leader-managers are made, not born. Closely examine your mental images of one you regard as a role model and the specific characteristics that person possesses? Ask yourself "Was this person born with such well-developed traits? The answer is "no"! Most of the characteristics of effective leaders and managers are and can be developed.

This program helps those in formal leadership to become far more effective in inspiring confidence, charting the course, planning, setting and achieving goals, guiding and directing other people toward those goals, setting a tone for positive employee and customer relationships.

In a slightly altered version, this program also help managers focus on and plan their continued development while continuing to meet the daily challenges of subordinate development and oversight and decision making.

Whether the top leader or a major manager, this program begins with self-leadership. To be effective, a leader must do two things. That person must practice the qualities and skills of leadership and look within to determine what holds these qualities back, and what must be done to bring them out. With the right kind of encouragement and support, guidance and direction, and participant commitment,

This program helps both leaders and managers improve their performance and achieve their personal, professional and organizational goals. The Leader Manager Program is designed for people who are charged with getting things done through other people. The program focuses on the areas critical to leadership development:
  • Claiming the ability to lead
  • Preparing for leadership
  • Understanding your past
  • Leadership Roles
  • Building Success Attitudes and Habits
  • Developing Your Personal Goals Program
  • Turning Solutions into Action
  • Understanding and Affirming Yourself
  • Managing Your Time
  • Interpersonal Managing Skills
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Motivating and Developing Subordinates
  • Performance Management
  • Continuing Your Leadership Growth

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