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Leadership Development / Executive Leadership

We live in a rapidly changing world with fierce competition and fleeting opportunities. Success is challenging and the rules are changing. Indeed the only constant we may experience is change. For any organization to compete, executive leaders will have to create an organizational culture in which everyone is challenged to seek innovative and improved methods of doing business and growing the organization. Yesterday's ideas may be outmoded. Priorities may have to shift. And executives may find that much of their challenge lies in changing patterns of thought as well as challenging and motivating their people to exhibit different attitudes and behaviors that support different organizational values and goals.

In short, a critical competency of today's successful executives will be to manage change. To lead and transform an organization in this way requires at least two things. First, executives must learn to encourage collaborative thinking, teamwork, and the ownership of new challenges and opportunities. They can no longer do it all. Bridges must be built between departments, people and processes to encourage and support change. As important, executives must take a hard look at themselves. Are their attitudes and goals part of the solution or the problem. Have they looked at themselves in the mirror lately - personally and organizationally - to see what they need to do to lead the charge?

The Executive Leadership program is a proven process to help executives create an environment inside and outside of themselves - in which people can become excited about implementing the vision they have crystallized. Executives are given techniques for aligning their resources to effectively lead people to higher levels of performance and shown how they can drive leadership qualities throughout their organizations. Areas covered are:
  • Creating/Leading an new environment
  • Changing Organizational vision and mission
  • Goal Setting as the enabler of vision
  • Goal Planning Steps & Affirmation Strategies
  • Learning to See and Elicit Potential in Others
  • Situational Use of Management Roles/Styles
  • Collaboration as a Skill Building Tool
  • Building Winning Teams
  • What Motivates People
  • Understanding Behavior
  • Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Developing Peak Performers

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