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Individual Coaching

Many executives prefer one-on-one approaches for doing development work in a private setting of strict confidentiality. This coaching strategy is designed for those at or near the top of their organizations who demand of themselves a high level of excellence and an industrial, professional and personal "edge".

Executives often have little opportunity for open and productive dialogue - creative conversations designed to solve problems and bring their thoughts, visions, projects and goals to fruition. When these intentions are thwarted and action is interrupted, they can feel alone and stuck - feeling the limitations of not being able to clearly identify clearly what's important, needed and next.

Individual coaching helps leaders gain perspective around these important matters. In this secure venue, they can surface assumptions, process issues, and create the kind of right action aligned with business and personal reality.

We strongly recommend individual coaching when what is called for is the collection and delivery of confidential feedback and creation of a resultant developmental action plan.

Whatever the situation, experienced coaches have likely experienced some of the same issues and as empathetic "outsiders" open up different perspectives for client consideration. A quality coach will become your partner to help you achieve what is most important and actionable; and will have no agenda other than to help you "win" in all areas of your personal and professional life.

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