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Executive Performance / Strategic Thinking and Planning

You know that building a successful business or organization requires more than making sales, raising funds, scheduling hours or even doing a business plan. You must also focus on those things that will sustain you for years to come and ensure a successful future. As the leader, you must decide where the business is headed and what needs to be done to succeed. Then you must do it - the right way.

We use a very innovative coaching approach to help you think about and envision the future to which you and your organization aspires, and what must be done to assure growth and success. In a one-on-one confidential set of interactions, we help you analyze your strengths and build on them; and help you overcome your challenges. We help you do the same for your business or organization: its services, products, their production, marketing and delivery - the challenges of your competitors as well.

This is more than long-range planning, which typically only identified current business trends and molds plans around them. It is more than reviewing and analyzing numbers and utilizing them to project your future. Our approach is very strategic! It focuses proactively on creating your future, and not simply reacting to business trends. We work with you to define or redefine vision, mission and values, and look objectively at where you're starting from - your resources and the competition. Then based on your careful thought, we help you set clear personal and organizational goals with specific time frames and highly crystallized action steps that will help your vision become reality.

We facilitate your thinking and action through 5 stages: Visioning, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Implementation Steps, Review and Continuous Improvement Strategies. We will fit this process to your timing, though it usually works best when the work is spaced over a few weeks, and other key staff are able to provide their specialized input.

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