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Executive Performance / Situational Coaching

From time to time serious or significant strategic, organizational and individual challenges arise where the opportunity to process them with an outside trusted coach is desired and appreciated.

We are available to not only to listen... but also offer some processes that can help clarify thinking and solidify decision making.  Here are some of the ways in which we can provide coaching support:

  • Ask the kinds of questions that help you fully understand the challenge -- e.g. the real problem or issues to be addressed.
  • Help you reference organizational intelligence and values in processing the decision
  • Take you through some very effective decision analysis processes
  • Help you do "action planning" with your decision; e.g. translate it into actionable tasks and responsibilities
  • Support the building of teamwork around the solution

We can also fashion this support into a facilitated group workshop, if you want more people involved.

One more thing about our coaching.  We welcome follow-up!  Even if it only involves an hour or two.  Many of our clients appreciate some follow-up support following our coaching and development work. Maybe you need some one-on-one, someone to help continue your individual development and help you focus on your goals and desires, or perhaps you just need someone with an open mind to bounce ideas off. Whatever the need, that's one of the reasons we're here - to provide coaching and support to our clients who desire longer-term guidance and direction, so we can help them reach your personal and professional goals and achieve your potential.

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