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Executive Performance / Feedback Coaching

This is for executives and senior reports who want people with whom they work to identify areas they see as vital to my effectiveness or future performance. This is a powerful approach! Feedback coaching draws from 360-degree feedback and other assessment tools in developing strategies and action plans that produce results. 

This is one of our most requested engagements. The process unfolds like this: we meet with you to seek to understand you strategic and professional challenges; then we create an interview survey that addresses these as well as other items key to leadership effectiveness. We ask you to identify 7-12 people, consisting of colleagues and subordinatesŠboard members, etc who are in a position to give honest and fair feedback. We then interview them individually, or ask them to respond to the questions via a private email address.  All information is strictly confidential and no ones specific input is revealed.

The information is then summarized in an easy to read report format, and presently privately and confidentially to the executive. Only that person sees the information.  The executive and his/her coach then create an action plan and goals program to improve performance. The coach works with the executive for a specified period of time afterwards to support the achievement of his/her goals.

Of course there is a bit more to the program, but we'll have to wait until you contact us for an appointment to tell you.

Just to say, our clients have experienced some powerful results from this approach.

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