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Overview of Our Services

Our core competencies are coaching and facilitated leadership development. How and in what setting it is done is your choice. Any of our services you choose are built on some important beliefs:

FIRST, Your leaders are the Key to your Success. It's all about them - recognizing their talents, aptitudes, and abilities and developing them to achieve their fullest potential. It's about helping people succeed!

SECOND, success in meeting professional and business goals is more than measuring and closing gaps. The path to success also requires leaders to get CLARITY over how their mindset, attitudes and interpersonal behaviors support or retard their performance and that of their organizations. We use all the tools of others in facilitating development and change - but OUR APROACH also enables clients to get clarity on all the reasons that create gaps between performance and results - and find ways to close them and align their beliefs and assumptions with business reality.

THIRD, a goal orientation is the only way to assure lasting learning. Developing, prioritizing and implementing goals provides the only solid basis on which to sustain learning and change in leaders and their organizations. Without some method of identifying specific goals, aligning the resources and committing to action, most aspirations and dreams will never be realized. To these ends, we design our:

  • Training & development programs to facilitate skill building and change
  • Seminars and Workshops to motivate and inspire leaders to achieve their potential
  • Consulting services to help organizations identify and overcome problems, implement solutions, plan strategically, and develop their human resources
  • Coaching services to help individuals maximize their effectiveness, set and achieve goals, and realize personal and professional success

A click on any one of the links to the left will lead you to a rich world of coaching and development possibilities - whether coaching your organization, coaching you as an individual, or helping you "self coach" through our unique new assessment and guided exercises site.

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