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Over the years, clients have expressed great satisfaction with the results gained in using our services:

Higher employee retention; more productivity; organizational effectiveness; better team-work; clarity in strategic intent; growth in interpersonal management skills; changed attitudes

"I am delighted with the quality of work that Legacy has done with us at the individual and organizational levels. I highly recommend Legacy Associates to anyone looking to improve results."
VP of Intellectual Property
Big Three Automotive Manufacturer

"Legacy helped us to change the direction of executive leadership and the ways in which they manage to build performance"
Consumer Product Company

"Through the help of Legacy Associates, we discovered and changed counter-productive business processes, resulting in significant savings to our organization."
Executive Vice President
Large Non-profit organization

"I can't thank Legacy enough for helping me to identify and change some aspects of my approach that were holding me back from a major promotion."
Senior Executive
Government Agency

Over 80% of our clients have requested additional services.

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