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How We Work
Our processes focus on "development" rather than "training". Short term training "solutions" have their place, but do not accomplish what we are committed to do: Help clients create lasting behavior changes, heighten accountability, plot measurable gains against specific benchmarks, and reinforce total organizational commitment to change. Developmental work usually requires more time; therefore our engagements are suggested to be at least three months or more. Trust us - we know what really helps adults learn!

We work "one on one" and in groups. Our approach is "inside out". We start with fostering client's self-understanding and leadership mind-set, helping them to see their organization - and themselves in a new way. From there, measurable goals are created, aligned, "owned" and achieved. In this way, attitudes are improved as needed and skill deficiencies eliminated.  We believe this is the predictable path to success.

To achieve these results, we use teaching, feedback, coaching and facilitative processes, supported by helpful educational and communication aids. Participants engage interactively, reading, listening, receiving and applying feedback, and launching introspective exercises on a regular basis. We build learning and attitude sustainability through a change concept known as spaced repetition.

What Are The Results?

  • Attitudes that increase capacity to achievetheir potential. Improved key leadership skills and goal-settingstrategies.
  • Aligned organizational vision, purpose, andstrategic direction, driven by customer needs, supported by thoughtful,clear and mission-focused plans
  • Improved communications and messageconsistency -- internally and externally -- that put stakeholders - staff,clients, and customers "on the same page".
  • Improved organizational systems and processesthat reduce costs, improve profits, life morale.
  • Optimized selection, development and retentionof high-performing people.
  • An achievement-oriented culture of excellence
The Bottom Line... Legacy can help you to improve your Bottom Line!

What We Guarantee
Obviously you are under no obligation to accept our proposals or recommendations. If we are not right for each other, we can help you find what you need and leave as friends.

If you do accept our proposal, and if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our coaching, consulting, or developmental programs, simply contact us at any time before the third session and tell us why. We'll make things right or we'll happily offer a refund less materials. To date, no client of Legacy Associates has asked for a refund. We are confident this will be one of the most effective and enjoyable engagements you and your employees will experience.

We also guarantee that any and all client information disclosed as part of our engagement shall be maintained in a confidential manner at all times. We will never disclose information about your company, its disclosures or our involvement to any other person, organization or media.

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