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Why are we different?

First, we do business in a different – more collaborative and generative way – by partnering with our clients as thought and action partners to create more sustainable results not dependent on our continued involvement.

Second, we know that a successful engagement requires an understanding of how our clients view organizational challenges and the skills they possess to address them. Our role is to stand in that “space” between leadership capabilities and organizational strategy in order to help our clients close gaps that sabotage or dilute the results they desire.

Whether we are engaged as coaches, trainers, organizational consultants or transition experts, we define success as the capability of leaders and their organizations to make a real difference. Sometimes we first need to help people look within themselves – think differently - in order to more accurately be able to view their “outside” challenges. Whatever the path that must be taken to assure that success, we are prepared and equipped to do.

We expertly use all the tools available in facilitating movement and change: leadership, transition and strategy-focused coaching; training, organizational assessment, problem solving and cultural shifting. What makes us different is the “human face” we apply to this work. Any type of development or change is by nature stressful. We know that and come into our client engagements seeking to partner in an emotionally intelligent manner. Much of the reason our firm has been in business for eighteen years lies in our ability to inspire trust, facilitate clarity in thinking and generate hope and confidence that problems are simply challenges waiting for right action..

Each of the pictures above lead to pages offering clear description of the specific areas in which we are expertly prepared to engage clients. Thanks for considering us.

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